Concert attendees waving their hands to the music in a crowd

About Future Proof

Future Proof is a movement. A community purpose-built to create a better financial future for all. Dedicated to the idea that collaboration and communication trump individualism and a me-first approach.


Designed to allow for the free flow of ideas and conversation, Future Proof does not focus solely on one industry. Instead, our belief is that the best ideas come from a cross-pollination of radical thinkers and individuals motivated to change the world.


The lines have blurred between pop culture and investing, and meme stocks, dogecoin and apps like Robinhood are all the rage. Future Proof brings together multigenerational influential investors, product creators and forward-thinkers to create an environment that facilitates solution-oriented conversations, builds meaningful connections across industries and drives thenew future of wealth.

Why Future Proof

The events industry is at a crossroad. After attempting to shoehorn traditional events into the virtual world, it was clear to see the old model was unsustainable: a model driven by profits, not the attendee experience. A new way forward, a new standard is needed. Future Proof helps to usher in the new model. One focused on the user experience, shared interests and a desire to connect people, purpose and ideas through the lens of wealth, technology, culture and impact.

It is these four pillars that set the foundation for all things Future Proof. Believing that the future is multigenerational, today’s industry gatherings must no longer be singular in their focus but speak to a wider audience. An audience that spans different generations, different viewpoints,
and different expertise to find the solutions to tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

Future Proof Content Pillars

Wealth is a big word, with many meanings. Not all of them are good, to be frank. We want to change the perception. The focus on wealth will aim to make it more inclusive, to use capital effectively and better deploy our financial resources to make the world a better place.
Future Proof understands we all live in the real world, with real problems that need solving. Our content and experts will take their queue from you, making sure all our real-life solutions are actionable and relevant.

Technology has become omnipresent, impacting our day-to-day lives more than we even realize. But technology is not always the answer. Technology and how it’s applied raises real questions, many of which we are not yet equipped to answer.

Future Proof brings to life those tough questions, creating a workshoplike mentality where the sharing of knowledge and ideas is encouraged, where “YES, AND” is the only answer to give. From small working groups to insights from Silicon Valley, we explore the next leap forward fortech.



The next generation of investors is no longer interested in pricey steak dinners and corner offices. Their interests lie elsewhere, in things like travel, art, music and experiences. This mind shift has huge ramifications, from what the next generation invests in to how they want to be

perceived on social media to who they work with.

Believing this is only the beginning of the culture shift, Future Proof will explore what comes next, what impact culture will have on the future of business and how you stay relevant. And we’ll also make sure you enjoy the best of these emerging trends at our food demonstrations, wine and whiskey tastings, interactive art exhibits and live music to ensure you stay current.



We embrace the multifaceted nature of the term “impact.” Understanding the power behind the word, we encourage all our attendees to take action. Not only in the context of your role and responsibilities, but that of the larger impact we have on the world around us.


At Future Proof, we uncover all the ways in which we can create an impact. We address ESG, diversity and impact through the lens of investing. We explore the impact our industries can have globally, at home and in the local communities around Huntington Beach.


The Experience

We know it’s easy to talk a big game about changing an industry and challenging the status quo. We don’t play lip service to our claims; we use them as the motivation to create the world’s first wealth festival. Our citywide festival spans four hotels, a half-mile beachfront exhibit hall known as the Boardwalk, and offers countless venues and arenas to connect and learn.


Complete with outdoor stages, brand activations, shared learning events, and multipurpose lounges designed to foster conversation and collaboration, the boardwalk is the centerpiece of Future Proof. With more choice than ever before, you can take in a demo on the latest

technology and then pop over to the Ocean Stage and hear from one of 300 industry thought leaders and influencers participating at Future Proof.


Future Proof is a strictly NO-PAY-TO-PLAY festival. This means you no longer have to sit through someone talking about their book or a sales pitch. All our speakers are invited through our editorial process or have been crowd sourced from the Future Proof community.


Knowing that networking is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition, we have created shared learning experiences built on your interests. Experience is the best teacher. With our hands-on cooking demos or art classes, you can pick up a new hobby while connecting and making new

friends as you expand your network.

Why Now

The time has come for us all to reimagine what an event can and should be. No longer are bad coffee and sad exhibit halls acceptable. There is a better way: one that asks attendees to embrace change, to push boundaries and themselves. Be part of the movement that is Future







Attendee Experience

Wheel of Impact

Event attendee enjoying the prize wheel

Future Proof’s Wheel of Impact promotes the power of giving in a fun, dynamic and social way. With a donation of any size, attendees can have the ability to spin the wheel, determining where the donation will go and how it will be used. Land on the “mystery” selection and have a chance to win items, trips and other experiences.

Poppin’ Pitch Lounge

Popcorn lounge set up for photo ops

Nobody likes to be pitched, but the truth is we all need a little help keeping up to speed on our dynamic industry. The What’s Poppin’ Pitch Lounge sets the tone, giving you intimate access to short and punchy demos from the most innovative fintech companies in the world. Grab a bag of popcorn, sit back, relax and absorb the next wave of innovation impacting the world around you.

Future Proof Beach Bash

Surfboards propped up on Huntington Beach

Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Future Proof Beach Bash with the iconic Surf City as the backdrop will be your kickoff to Future Proof. Join your fellow attendees as we watch the sun dip into the Pacific Ocean. Walk the Future Proof Boardwalk, sampling the local cuisine and cocktails as you explore all our festival has to offer, giving you a taste of what you can expect over the coming days.

Future Proof Surf City Crawl

Crowd browsing various kiosks

Monday, September 12, 2022

What good is an event if you don’t experience the local scene? Join the City Crawl and take advantage of two newly added Entertainment Districts complete with amazing local hotspots, including some of the best breweries and eateries in SoCal, all walkable from your hotel and the Future Proof Boardwalk.

Future Proof Closing Night Concert

Concert-goers watching performance

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

We convert the Boardwalk from an interactive learning environment to an immersive art and music experience. The evening is capped off with a concert headlined by one of the most dynamic up and coming artists taking today’s music scene by storm. Stay tuned for updates as we announce performers and more, creating a truly unique experience.

Scoop Ice Cream Parlor & Lounge

Ice cream food truck

Get the latest scoop on pivotal industry topics and current events affecting the wealth space. By leveraging our robust event technology, you’ll have the opportunity to create both peer-led and industry-led roundtable-style discussions. Learn more about the most pressing topics impacting the future of wealth. These hard conversations are made easier as you and your cohorts grab some ice cream and settle in for an informal yet highly engaging conversation.

Health Is Wealth Center

Yoga mats laid out for workout

Physical and mental health is the cornerstone of any successful long-term wealth plan. But for years, our industry has prioritized work over health, leading to unhealthy lifestyles and employee burnout. The Health Is Wealth Center provides a warm and relaxed setting, allowing attendees to come in and recharge, grab a drink from the juice bar and eat healthy snacks. The space will also be home to daily group yoga and fitness classes as well as meditation sessions.

Brewing Lounge

Coffee bar on Huntington Beach

You can’t expand your perspective and think differently if you aren’t exposed to a broad perspective. That’s why our speaker faculty isn’t limited to traditional finance. The Brewing Lounge will bring out-of-industry experts to present their visions for a new world of wealth. To help fuel the conversations, we’ve created a true coffeehouse feel complete with baristas just waiting to pour you the perfect cup of joe.

Social Audio Experiment

Small crowd listening to performer sing

Podcasts are all the rage, as they excite and entertain audiences from afar. Future Proof changes the game, as we invite your favorite podcasters to host their shows live from the festival. Forget passive listening. Future Proof’s Live Podcast sessions allow you to interact directly with your favorite podcast creators as they record live episodes just feet from the Pacific Ocean.

Ocean Stage

Concert happening on Huntington Beach

As the beating heart of the boardwalk, the Ocean stage will feature seating for over 500 and have the look and feel of a concert venue on the beach. The ocean stage will host a range of exciting content from industry-changing keynotes to the closing concert featuring today’s biggest musical acts.

PCH Stage

Event attendees listening to a panel discussion

The Pacific Highway stage is the most versatile stage at Future Proof. With countless setup options, the PCH Stage is your go-to spot for industry insight and innovation, all while staying current with the latest trends in money, culture, tech and impact.

Future Proof Live

Production stage setup

Future Proof Live is our full-production broadcast studio strategically placed at the heart of the Boardwalk. Our very own Future Proof anchors will provide all-day commentary featuring casual speakers and celebrity interviews as well as unexpected guest appearances. Future Proof Live extends our one-of-a-kind experience to a larger audience virtually.

Future Proof Creator Corner

Woman recording a video for social media

rhe Creator Corner is built to support creators, creatives and brands. It’s equipped with a podcast recording studio and first-of-its-kind Collab Lab. The podcast area will afford attendees the ability to record podcast sessions and will feature podcast consultants helping to answer questions of both existing podcast hosts and aspiring creators. The Collab Lab is where asset managers and fintech companies collaborate with leading and emerging finance influencers. Looking for engaging content built for the modern financial professional or investor? We offer high quality video and audio production for all your creative needs.