September 15-18, 2024 | Huntington Beach, California


Future Proof Shakes Up Wealth Industry with 2023 Event Experience

The three-day transformative outdoor event, taking place September 10-13, will welcome 3,000 attendees, including over 2,000 wealth management professionals and financial advisors. Prepare for a seismic shift in the wealth management industry. Future Proof, the world’s largest wealth festival, unveils its electrifying 2023 event experience – including an outcome-oriented agenda designed to level up all […]

Key Themes for Future Proof 2023

Future Proof will stimulate your intellectual curiosity, ignite innovative conversations, and feature tech-enabled event networking to elevate your business and enable you to think outside your normal perspective. In addition to the world-class speakers and networking opportunities, Future Proof will feature exciting special events, including cultural experiences, a music festival, and more. As we prepare to release the agenda, there are three key themes you’ll notice throughout the sessions in 2023 that we want to share. We believe these themes are shaping the future of wealth management and addressing the most pressing needs of your clients.

Unlock the Power of Alternatives: Separate Your Practice from Your Peers

Future Proof Digital hosted industry experts Dani Fava, Brian McLaughlin, and Christopher Cook to discuss the transformative power of technology in reshaping the client experience. Join us as we recap the key insights and takeaways from this engaging discussion, and how you can best apply them to your practice.

The Rising Cost of Education: Ron Lieber and Ann Garcia

Welcome to an exciting and thought-provoking interview in our Future Proof digital short series! Today, we delve into the rising cost of education in the United States, joined by Ron Lieber (“Your Money” columnist in New York Times, Author of “The Price You Pay for College”) and Ann Garcia (Financial Advisor at Independent Progressive Advisors, Author of “How to Pay for College”). In this engaging Q&A session, we explore the factors driving these costs, the relationship between education expenses and career opportunities, and the actions that can be taken to tackle this complex issue.

The Intersection of Technology and Finance: Margaret Hartigan

Margaret Hartigan is the CEO and Founder of Marstone, Inc., and will be joining us on-stage at Future Proof this year. Margaret’s unique insights and expertise in the intersection of technology and finance will inspire you and provide you with valuable knowledge into the fascinating world of technology-driven financial solutions. In this exclusive Q&A, she shares her motivations for speaking at Future Proof, her current groundbreaking project, what attendees can expect to hear from her session, and her excitement for the event.

Matt Hougan: The Future of Banking and Crypto in a Fragile Financial World

Discover the insights from a captivating conversation with Matt Hougan, a prominent figure in the crypto and finance world, as we delve into the fragility of the current financial system and the transformative potential of crypto and blockchain technology in shaping the future of banking. Gain valuable perspectives on the recent events surrounding SVB, the role of the Federal Reserve, and the rise of crypto as an asset class, providing a glimpse into the emerging landscape of finance.

Building the Ria Business of the Future

The financial services and wealth management landscapes are constantly evolving, driven by ever-changing regulations, market forces, and emerging technologies. It can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve, especially when the stakes are so high, and the pace of change is so unpredictable. That’s where leaning into the insights and experiences of current industry […]