Attending the Un-Conference Conference with Eric Woo

The Future Proof Festival is establishing a unique, holistic perspective of financial services by welcoming all to participate. Answering the call is Eric Woo, co-founder and CEO of Revere VC, a startup founded in 2020 to provide wealth managers with a comprehensive, objective ratings framework for venture capital funds. Prior to launching his own company, Eric was Head of Institutional Capital at AngelList, an online venture capital investment platform that participated in the financing of over 190 “unicorn” companies.

Today, Eric leads product development, investment analysis and due diligence for Revere VC, as well as mentoring and coaching the next generation of emerging fund managers. Although he’s a native of northern California, this will be his first trip to Huntington Beach.

In our conversation, Eric explained why the Future Proof Festival is set to be the ultimate un-conference conference, why solid communication is foundational for his business and how our cultural backgrounds influence the ways we invest.

Future Proof: We’re just days away from the Future Proof Festival now. What are you looking forward to about your trip to Huntington Beach? 

Eric Woo: I’ve never been to Huntington Beach, so everything’s going to be new, fresh and amazing. I’m also looking forward to the open air concept, with different nooks and places for you to participate. I think that’s going to be a very new conference concept. 

I’ve done so many conferences. I’ve spoken at conferences and they’re all ushering you in and directing you where to go. Sometimes I just want to hang out a little bit. 

This is like the un-conference, right? It doesn’t feel like you’re at a conference. You’re hanging out; you’re meeting people. You’re going to have a lot more opportunities to find random interactions, compared to the typical conference.

FP: The un-conference conference—I like the ring of that. While you, personally, have been working in the financial services industry for years, Revere VC is still a very new company. Why is now the ideal time to open a business like yours? 

Eric: It comes down to demand. There is a thirst for access to innovative companies. But innovation is very, very hard to buy today. Companies in the public markets are just too mature. 

Today, there’s also better access to the right deals at the right scale. Somebody like AngelList, where I used to work, can provide a curated access fund that’s packaged in a fund vehicle. You can write a $10,000 check and participate in the asset class. That didn’t exist before.

FP: It’s what you call the “productization of venture capital,” right?

Eric: Exactly. We want investing in venture capital funds to be easy to understand. Obviously transparency is really important, but it’s also about the ease of access and smoothing out capital flow. 

FP: What other dynamics go into starting a business like yours?

Eric: I use this word loosely, but culture is really important. It’s a part of the investment mandate. Fifty percent of the funds on our platform have at least one female partner; 50% of the funds on the platform have at least one manager that comes from a minority or underrepresented background.

If you want to appeal to Gen Z, for example, culture has to be a part of the investment decision-making process. A generation of clients is going to invest in something new. There has to be a diversity or an impact component. There has to be a cultural awareness.

FP: You provide your own impact in the industry, by mentoring and coaching emerging fund managers. What do you look for in that cohort?

Eric: If you think about fund managers as the supply, they’re providing great access to innovative companies. I provide coaching in how to express those opportunities in a way that could pass the institutional due diligence process. 

They’re not familiar with that and it’s something they have to develop. That’s where we see ourselves as a critical interface, because we know the language of the demand side.

Then, by sitting in that middle, Revere can introduce the supply side to the demand side—across the spectrum of investors—from individuals to large allocators. We produce a very approachable report that’s got all the benefits of institutional due diligence, but is expressed in a way that’s readable. No one’s going to get lost in the weeds. The output right now is something that looks kind of like a Morningstar rating report.

FP: As a financial services veteran, what message would you like to share with investment advisors who are newer to the business?

Eric: You always have to ask yourself, “Why am I seeing this deal? Why is someone coming to me and asking me for money?” It’s having a sense of caution. This is why specialist firms, like Revere, are having their moment and helping the private wealth industry. We’re leveraging our networks and track record in venture capital. 

FP: You’re co-located in San Francisco and Hong Kong. What cross-cultural benefits does that provide?

Eric: A wealthy individual in Asia thinks very differently than a wealthy individual here in the U.S. At their core they’re both looking for great returns (and they see venture capital as a means to get great returns), but the way they participate culturally is very different.

As an example, in Asia when wealthy individuals think about venture capital they hear about a particular company and get really excited about the company. They want to put $50 million in that one company. It’s a very binary approach.

Here in the U.S. there’s a difference of approach. I’ll get questions like, “How do I build in diversification? Do I have too much exposure to one company? I want something a little bit more risk averse.”

We like the concept of capital coming into the fund manager versus going into a single company. The concept of funding the funder—versus funding the founder—is where we think this industry can start to have some measurable impact.

A million dollars going to a female GP, and that female GP being able to invest in 30 different companies, has a much wider impact than the capital going directly into a company that might have a female founder. 

FP: It’s been a pleasure talking with you and we can’t wait to have you join us at Future Proof this September! What are you most looking forward to about the event? 

Eric: When you think about Future Proof, there’s this triangle of music, technology and the advisor community. It’s bringing the best of these different cultural elements and defining them in a way that’s action-oriented. 

I think we’re going to be surprised by all that we learn from these other components. We’ll be incorporating those learnings into our investment decisions and client portfolios and moving the needle in a way that’s actionable.

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John Swolfs is the Chief Content Officer at Advisor Circle, a product studio for growth-oriented financial professionals. John is responsible for creating dynamic programs for Advisor Circle’s world-class events which include Future Proof festival and Exchange, the world’s leading ETF event.



Future Proof is set to bring together the world’s most prominent figures and emerging minds to explore the intersection of money, tech, culture and impact.


Future Proof brings together an entirely new community of financial advisors, institutional investors, asset managers, fintech startups, investors, financial creators, activists, artists, musicians and other key stakeholders around an unprecedented experience and agenda.

Wheel of Impact

Event attendee enjoying the prize wheel

Future Proof’s Wheel of Impact promotes the power of giving in a fun, dynamic and social way. With a donation of any size, attendees can have the ability to spin the wheel, determining where the donation will go and how it will be used. Land on the “mystery” selection and have a chance to win items, trips and other experiences.

Advisor Accelerator Lounge:
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We love some fun at Future Proof, but we know not everything can be fun and games. Stop by booth 405 for a one-on-one consultation with the FP transitions team on all things advisor related. Don’t be shy if you have questions or want to know more about any aspect of running your practice; the Advisor Accelerator has you covered.

All Access: Fitz & The Tantrums

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Join your fellow peers for an all access experience with indie pop sentation Fitz and the Tantrums. This excluisve event is a can’t miss experience for any music fan.

The Grand Unveil

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Future Proof does nothing small. Join us on Monday morning for the grand unveiling of our half-mile beachfront boardwalk complete with activations, meeting areas, multiple stages, and everything else you need to make your Future Proof experience truly one of a kind.

Investable Food Investable World:
Sponsored By Morningstar

The popularity of fine dining has exploded with the rise of celebrity chefs, Instagram, and popular TV shows. But there is more to food than pretty Instagram posts and fancy brunches. Join Morningstar and celebrity chef Charlotte Langley as she explores and educates us on the value of sustainable food. Located on the Surf City Stage, pre-registration is required.

The Observation Deck At Future Proof: Sponsored by Vanguard

Climb up to the top of Vanguard’s observation deck and take in the aerial view of the Future Proof Boardwalk. The observation deck is not the only thing you will find at booth 1108, stop by the lounge to take a meeting or spend some time with Vanguard’s team and learn more about the value of ownership.

The Hydration Station: Sponsored By
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We have all been to countless industry events and seen hundreds of half-drank water bottles left just about everywhere people sit down to connect. Future Proof is doing away with the plastic bottle altogether. In partnership with SSGA, we are giving every attendee an insulated reusable water bottle that can be refilled at our hydration station. Visit the Hydration Station next to the Hyatt footbridge to refill and reuse.

Looking Good with LinkedIn:
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Are you like the rest of us and cringe at your headshot? Cringe no more. We have partnered with LinkedIn to create a professional headshot studio. Stop by booth 302 to get your next favorite profile photo and don’t forget to enter into the free premium membership draw.

The Tiki Hut at Future Proof:
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One of the best things about attending the Future Proof festival is all the different settings and venues to connect and network with peers and colleagues. Logicly’s Tiki Hut is a must-see, serving up vacation vibes and craft cocktails for you to sit back, soak up the scene as you relax, and take a moment to chat with your friends at booth 307

The Wall of Influence: Sponsored by Motley Fool Asset Management

If you don’t post to social media, did you really attend Future Proof? Bust out your phone and snap a selfie or group shot in front of the Motley Fool ETFs Wall of Influence and let the community know you the world’s first wealth festival #FutureProofAC

Morning Meditation with Mona:
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We could all use a little peace and quiet in our lives. Join renowned mediation expert Mona Sharma for a guided meditation and breathwork session to train the mind and body to optimize health and happiness. Join us on Tuesday morning at the Surf City Stage to start your day peacefully. *RSVP is not required; however, those that RSVP will be entered to win a giveaway.


Link to RSVP:

Social Audio Experiment: Bloomberg Sports Live

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

The world of sports is more than just the games. In this unique session, Bloomberg Chief Corresponded Jason Kelly hosts financial advisorJoe Mclean and his superstar sports clients for an in-depth look at the changing world of sports and why more athletes are embracing investing and building wealth beyond the court.

Silent Disco: Sponsored by USCF

What is the old saying, dance as if no one is watching? That could not be more true at Future Proof. Relax and lose yourself as you vibe out at the silent disco. Located at booth 402, USCF provides the tunes, and you provide the grooves.

The Future Proof Mural: Sponsored by GTS

No festival is complete without an art exhibit. Future Proof is no different. Watch as Future Proof artist Tony Concep’ genius brings the living mural to life over the 3-day festival. Be sure to stop by booth 400 and tell Tony and Reggie how much you appreciate the art.

RIA Executive Leaders Reception

Monday, September 12, 2022 6:00-8:00pm PT
Pasea Hotel & Spa

Join 30+ executives from the country’s top-ranked RIA firms for a VIP evening reception.

If you are an executive leader (or owner) of a fast-growing RIA firm and are interested in participating get in touch with us today. Space is extremely limited.

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"Future Proof Closing Night Concert" to become "Future Proof Music Festival"

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 4:30-10:00pm PT
The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

The Future Proof Festival experience roles on as we host our annual music festival. This year’s lineup features an array of artists and musicians covering everything from rock classics to hip hop. Come early and stay late sampling the numerous food trucks and bars. Don’t miss headliners rap legend Big Boi and indie pop sensation Fitz and the Tantrums showcase their talents.* * admission is included with your Future Proof Pass.

"Future Proof Beach Bash" to become "Future Proof Festival Kickoff Party"

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort

Relax and unwind as you connect with the Future Proof community, as you enjoy and evening of tasty bites, and delicious cocktails as celebrity DJ, DJ Mick sets the vibe as the sunsets on the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

All Access: Big Boi

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Future Proof is all about experiences. Rub shoulders with Big Boi in this invite-only meet & greet in the Future Proof green room.

Social Audio Experiment:
Invest Like the Best Live

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Recgonized as one of if not the most influential podcasts Invest Like the Best records live from Future Proof. Join host Patrick O’Shanunessy and his guest for indepth look at the markets, investing and the world of business.

PCH Stage

Event attendees listening to a panel discussion

The Pacific Highway stage is the most versatile stage at Future Proof. With countless setup options, the PCH Stage is your go-to spot for industry insight and innovation, all while staying current with the latest trends in money, culture, tech and impact.

Quad A Social


Ocean Stage

Concert happening on Huntington Beach

As the beating heart of the boardwalk, the Ocean stage will feature seating for over 500 and have the look and feel of a concert venue on the beach. The ocean stage will host a range of exciting content from industry-changing keynotes to the closing concert featuring today’s biggest musical acts.

Social Audio Experiment

Small crowd listening to performer sing

Podcasts are all the rage, as they excite and entertain audiences from afar. Future Proof changes the game, as we invite your favorite podcasters to host their shows live from the festival. Forget passive listening. Future Proof’s Live Podcast sessions allow you to interact directly with your favorite podcast creators as they record live episodes just feet from the Pacific Ocean.

Attendee Concierge: Hosted by Future Proof

You’ve got questions and e we have a dedicated team of helpful staff walking the grounds, and an attendee concierge desk stationed on the boardwalk to help get you answers. Don’t be shy. We are happy to help.

Street Art Meets Street Skate: Sponsored By Morningstar

Perhaps no sport combines art, culture, and athletics more than skateboarding. These all collide at booth 102, where you can watch street artists design custom skateboard decks. Check in with the team from Morningstar, and you might find yourself taking one home.

Coffee Done Right: Sponsored by Morningstar

We all know coffee is the fuel that helps us survive the day, and we all know there is nothing worse than stale coffee in a hotel banquet room that has sat for hours. Grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee throughout the day at any of our high-end coffee carts located throughout the Boardwalk.


The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Ready to mingle with fellow female financial advisors? The Female Advisor Network Happy Hour is where you’ll want to be!


Held at X BAR, this is a great opportunity to network with other women during Future Proof.

Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisor Reception

Monday, September 12, 2022 5:00-7:00pm PT

Future Proof brings together the best and brightest advisors from across the country. This invite-only exclusive event allows the Investopedia Top 100 advisors to reconnect, share insights and celebrate their achievement of being named to this prestigious list.


ONYX Advisor Network Meet Up


Media-Only Networking Reception

Sunday, September 11, 20226:00-8:00pm PT
Monday, September 12, 20226:00-8:00pm PT

Join 25+ key financial media, industry reporters, and other press for a media-only evening reception.

If you are a member of the press and are interested in participating get in touch with us today. Space is extremely limited.

As a member of the press, you will have the opportunity to RSVP for both receptions on Sunday and Monday.

Social Audio Experiment: Bloomberg's Masters in Business Live

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Hear podcast legend and host of Masters In Business Barry Ritholtz for a can’t miss live recording of the most influential podcast covering the world of business.

Advisor Networking Dinners

Sunday, September 11, 2022 6:00-8:00pm PT Monday, September 12, 2022 6:00-8:00pm PT

Maximize your time at Future Proof by participating in a 10-person advisor networking dinner organized by us and industry partners. Held at popular downtown Huntington Beach restaurants, our organized Advisor Networking Dinners will provide you with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience while making new friends and catching up with old ones. Space is extremely limited. Must RSVP.

Health is Wealth: HIIT


Just because you are away from home it does not mean you need to miss your workout. Start each day with a HIIT beach workout hosted by the Future Proof communities Jess Bost. * space is limited, preregisteration required

Health is Wealth: Yoga


Future Proof puts a value on your health and ability to decompress from the grind of festival life. Begin your day with a focus on centering body and mind for a day of meetings, networking, and more.

Health is Wealth: Meditation


Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Set the tone for each day as you take the time to relax your mind, center your thoughts and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Health is Wealth: Surf Lessons


We are in Surf City U.S.A – of course we are going to have surf lessions. Whether you are catching barrels are just learning to stand come out be part of the community and tick learning to surf off your bucket list.

Storyteller Series: This Is Not Financial Advice

Sunday, September 11, 2022 6:00-6:30pm PT
The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Investing has become mainstream and nowhere is this better encompassed than in the new documentary film This is Not Financial Advice. Join us as we invite the cast and crew for an open conversation on the mindset of today’s investors, and take a closer look at investing as a cultural phenomenon and show clips from the movie.

FintechX Demo Drop

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Social Audio Experiment:
EYL Presents Market Mondays

The Future Proof Boardwalk (Outdoor Event Space)

Cultural icons and financial influencers Earn Your Lesuire host their wildly popular Market Mondays Show live from the Future Proof stage. This can’t miss sessions ties together market events and education to help investors be better invested.